Multiple owners on CRM 4.0 entities

CRM 4.0 entities record only is owned by one user only and this is really big limitation in CRM 4.0.

I was wondering for the possibility to have multiple owners per entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
While searching the solution over net I have come across potential solution as below.

As per this blog article,

There are many instances where businesses want multiple “owners” of something within CRM. Having multiple users own something comes in many different forms when related to CRM. Examples include team selling using CRM Opportunity records, team support using Cases, and Tasks assigned to a group. Microsoft CRM is constructed such that one user is the “owner” of each record within CRM. Can we alter the system to modify this ownership?

Depending on the functionality you are looking to support, assigning multiple owners to a record can be accomplished many different ways in CRM. The question to start with is what functionality your business needs to support with multiple “owners” of something within in CRM.

Solution is based on the possibility to have multiple owners per entity identified as multi-owners using the sharing capability and deep customizations.

The multi-ownership currently will be automatically created and managed for leads, accounts and contacts entity.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple owners on CRM 4.0 entities

  1. Nici

    Do you have anything which supports multiple owners for tasks or activities? And if so, when a task or activity is completed, does it complete it for both owners or just the one doing the completion. Thank you.


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