The length of the ‘filteringattributes’ attribute exceeded the maximum allowed length of ‘100’

While developing one of the plug-in for CRM 4.0 we started getting following error from plug-in registration tool.

Problem/Error Description

Unhandled Exception: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request.

A validation error occurred. The length of the ‘filteringattributes’ attribute of the ‘sdkmessageprocessingstep’ entity exceeded the maximum allowed length of ‘100’.

at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall)
at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)
at PluginRegistrationTool.CrmSdk.CrmService.Create(BusinessEntity entity)
at PluginRegistrationTool.RegistrationHelper.RegisterStep(CrmOrganization org, CrmPluginStep step)
at PluginRegistrationTool.StepRegistrationForm.btnRegister_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Solution Steps for this are mentioned as below..
Step 1: Run query on database to check current max length..

select Maxlength from MetadataSchema.Attribute
where name ='filteringattributes'

Step 2: Update this field to desired value

Update MetadataSchema.Attribute
SET Maxlength = 500
where name ='filteringattributes'

Step 3: Check the Length again to make sure it update from above queries.

Note: – Above customization is unsupported and you must take precautionary measure to make sure to avoid any problem with CRM system.

Hope this helps..



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