CRM Data Generator

Just came across requirement where we needed to generate lots of data in CRM system..

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tools (for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0) provides lots of functionality and one of them is Generate Bulk Data for any CRM entity with just few clicks…see below steps for the same..

Step 1: Connect to your CRM Server

This article provides details on how to connect your CRM server on CRM Demo tools.

Step 2: Click on Data Generator tab and select relevant entity and then add relevant data against relevant attribute

Step 3: Select quantity and hit generate data button and this will generate this button.

Other then Data generator this tool also provides functionality to
• Change the Dates and/or Times for Data
• Create Dependent Picklists
• Generate E-Mail
• Set Icons for Entities
• Change the CRM Navigation Pane
• Replace Strings in CRM

Hope this helps…



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