CRM 2011 Vidoes

Following are top 10 videos to kick start on CRM 2011.

1. Conditional Formatting in the Outlook CRM Client

2. User Experience Demo

3. CRM 2011 – Teams, Queues, Sales Literature

4. CRM 2011 Workflows: Dialogs

5. Goal Metrics and Goals

6. Charts and Dashboards

7. CRM 2011 – Sharepoint Integration

8. CRM 2011 – solution management

9. CRM 2011 – Connections

10. CRM 2011 – Auditing

Hope this helps..

MayankP 🙂


4 thoughts on “CRM 2011 Vidoes

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  3. Neil Benson

    Hi Mayank, there are over 500 new features in CRM 2011. Couldn’t you find enough favouite features without including Conditional Formatting twice — or do you just love this feature so much you had to mention it again? 😉

  4. mayankp Post author

    Thanks Neil for pointing this out, I have corrected this and actually this blog was prepared over two weeks so totatlly missed this 🙂


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