Getting View Details from CRM Grid (CRM 4.0 vs. CRM 2011)

We had custom application which uses were passing selected view id to our custom web page in CRM 4.0, following code we put in JavaScript button click event to retrieve this details.

if (top.stage.crmGrid != null)
var sViewId = top.stage.crmGrid.GetParameter('viewid');
var sViewType = top.stage.crmGrid.GetParameter('viewtype');
var sOtc = top.stage.crmGrid.GetParameter('otc');

Above code does not work in CRM 2011 and by doing really simple change as mentioned below, so following code works fine for CRM 2011..

if (document.getElementById('crmGrid') != null) {
var sViewId = document.getElementById('crmGrid').GetParameter('viewid');
var sViewType = document.getElementById('crmGrid').GetParameter('viewtype');
var sOtc = document.getElementById('crmGrid').GetParameter('otc');

Hope this helps..

Note: This is unsupported customization, Please unit test this module on your development/test environment before applying it to Live Environment.



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