CRM 2011 Queue emails automatic contact creation issue

In CRM 2011, queues functionality is enhanced and changed as lot from CRM 4.0. You can read more about the changes in this article.

This current article is specific to behaviour with regarding to incoming email in to queue in CRM 2011. So if you received email in queue in CRM 2011 and if contact is not recognized by system automatically then it creates new contact automatically.

This is issue for one of customer because they did not want to end having lots of contacts created unnecessarily so we decided to turn off this feature for queues.


Following are steps to turn off this automatic feature in CRM 2011.

Step 1: Simply log on to CRM 2011 with administrative account (i.e. the account that was used to install CRM 2011 and CRM 2011 email router)

Step 2: go to File -> Options, this should open up Set Personal option page

Step 3: go to Email tab and un-tick option to automatically create records in CRM

Step 4: Click OK, Done!!

Hope this helps..



4 thoughts on “CRM 2011 Queue emails automatic contact creation issue

  1. Lior

    Wouldn’t what you’re suggesting only change the contact creation for that specific user? Is there a way for me to alter this behaviour on a per-queue basis or at least allow queues to behave differently than users?

    1. mayankp Post author

      Hi Lior,
      it really depends on how email are created in your CRM system for the queue, for example if email router is created email for queue then since email router will running under admin account you need to do this for admin account..

      If you provide more details on your scenarios then I can provide further comments regarding the same..

  2. David Kelly

    Hi Mayankp, I am the sys admin and i’ve turned of this feature in Personal Options and still a new contact is created. Note there is a forwarding applied server side from the queue mailbox to the crm mailbox. It has only started happening recently.

  3. mayankp Post author

    Hi David,
    you need to log in with account which installed the email router server on CRM and for this account this options needs to switched off to work this correctly, so if you got CRM admin or any account which is your service account using which you did this installation then log in with this account and in his personal option switch off this settings..

    Also make sure this option is switched off for queue owner record.


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