CRM 2011 Chart: Drill Down enable/disable

Recently we noticed few charts in CRM 2011 displays drill down while other does not display drill down for the same.

For example standard Sales Pipe line chart report does not display drill down, after little investigation found that chard is displaying drill down if field used to display data set as Searchable to YES (as shown in the screen print below)

So your chart will display drill down if axis displays a field which got value searchable set to Yes.

Hope this helps..


18 thoughts on “CRM 2011 Chart: Drill Down enable/disable

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      1. Rich Mephan

        Sorry, Yes I was a bit vague, Yes it does work.

        In my secnario I am adding a Sub Grid to a Form and the charts in sub grids on forms just dont seem to allow any kind of drill through whcih is a tad frustrating.

  2. mayankp Post author

    then it should work okay, can you please give me more information on the chart, like which fields are used and may be shared the screen print of example chart ? I will try to recreate the problem and see if I can find solution for the same..

    1. Epriko

      Hi Mayankp,

      Sorry for the late reply, just I was too busy, and put pyramid chart on a shelf for a while. Now I am back to this question again with more details. It seems I can’t attach screenshots here…How can I send them to you?

    1. mayank

      I think this is due to your chart type (which is Pyramid), can you please try with existing standard chart types (column,bar,line,pie or funnel) and see if this works or not…

  3. Epriko

    Yes, I know, but I thought there was a way to enable drill down for pyramid chart. For standard chart it works, but I need it for pyramid chart.
    Thank you for your attempt to help me.

  4. Fahad Shaikh

    Mayankp, I checked it on my CRM 2015 instance and it is not working there. If there’s any solid concrete way to do this, please share here, otherwise please remove this post as it is misleading people here.


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