CRM 2011: Reassign or Transfer Personal Views

Recently come across scenario where one of CRM user left the company and that user owned specific views which need to be transfer to his replacement CRM users.

These views created by old user using CRM advanced find screen and hence they are personal view of that user and as per CRM security settings even system administrator can not able to view and transfer this views to new user.

So I decided use impersonation to resolve this issue and created small standalone application for the same.

This application is shared below.

Following is few more details regarding this application for the same.

Step 1: after downloading, and extract the files.

Step 2: after extracting run the CRM2011_ReAssignViews_EXE.exe from extracted files.

Step 3: provide CRM server name, relevant port number, organization name and provide relevant credential for the same and then click on “Retrieve List of User” button.

For further steps and information please refer to following screen print for the same.

Note: – Please note that both users needs to active in CRM to perform above actions.

Hope this helps..


12 thoughts on “CRM 2011: Reassign or Transfer Personal Views

  1. Felix Y.

    No ‘Select All’ if you intend to reassign all views from the source user and if i manually select more than 1 view, it will only reassign the last selected. Just my review.

  2. KingDom


    It fails on our environment.

    I tried using the server:port combo and it failed with the error “Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: ‘http://ourservername:443/XRMServices/2011/Discovery.svc?wsdl’.

    I tried the and it still fail saying ” The user authentication failed!”

    On both occasions, I am using an Admin account.

    Anything I can do to be able to use this tool?



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