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Microsoft Community Contributor Award

Last Month, I was honoured to receive recognition by Microsoft for contributions to the Microsoft online technical communities with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award.

Thanks Microsoft and to you who nominated me!

Additional information about the Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program can be found at

MayankP 🙂

CRM 2011 Vidoes

Following are top 10 videos to kick start on CRM 2011.

1. Conditional Formatting in the Outlook CRM Client

2. User Experience Demo

3. CRM 2011 – Teams, Queues, Sales Literature

4. CRM 2011 Workflows: Dialogs

5. Goal Metrics and Goals

6. Charts and Dashboards

7. CRM 2011 – Sharepoint Integration

8. CRM 2011 – solution management

9. CRM 2011 – Connections

10. CRM 2011 – Auditing

Hope this helps..

MayankP 🙂

Dynamics CRM 2011 Presentations

I have just come across really nice slide show presentation of CRM 2011 which is shared by Jukka Niiranen and thought of sharing with the community.

Following is link to two part presentation for the same.

Part 1


Part 2


Happy CRMing 🙂