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Send the failed email again in Dynamics CRM

Sometimes because of various reason email created and send from CRM 4.0 fails to reach the destination and in this case CRM changes the email status to “Failed”
If you want to resend the email then you can easily do this using some simple workflow and then manually running this against the relevant emails. Following are the steps for the same..

Step 1: Go to Settings -> workflow – > click New

Step 2: Enter Workflow name “Send Failed email again” and then select entity as Email

Step 3: Remove/Deselect option to start this “Record is created” and select the option to run this on Demand as follows


Step 4: Now add step to send email as follows


Step 5: Now add steps to change the status of original email from failed to cancel so it does not pick up again. Finally publish the workflow

Step 6: select the relevant email with status “failed” and click run workflow button and select the workflow created in above step.

Done !!

Removing email from CRM queue

Currently if there is email in queue and if user manually creates case then case gets creates but email remains in the CRM queue.

Another scenario is that there is automated workflow which creates case for the email which comes in queue and workflow creates case fine but email remains in the queue.

For above two problems there is not out of the box method to remove or detach the email from the queue. However when I check CRM 4.0 SDK there is API DetachFromQueueEmailRequest Based on which I have created following generic custom workflow which takes queue id and email id as Input and removes the relevant email from the relevant queue.

Following is full code snippet for this..

Register this custom workflow using Plug in Registration Tool and you can use this utility in CRM workflow screen now…

Code can be downloaded from following link
View & Download Code File

Adding Email Signatures in CRM 4.0

I had a good question from one of the CRM users recently and thought I’d share the answer with you all….

Do you ever send email’s out through CRM and wonder how you can add your Signature to them, like it does in Outlook?

There is a way to do it, but first you need to create a template for your signature to go into.  

1. In outlook or on the Web version, go to Settings -> Templates à Email Templates


2. Create a New Template – Choose Global template


3. Add your signature into the text box on the template


4. Now… When you write an email to a contact or Account, type the subject, and body text as usuall. Before sending – click  Insert Template to insert your signature


 5.Select your signature template that you created and click OK


 6. Click Cancel when it asks to replace your Mail subject with the template Subject


DONE – Your email now contains your signature. You can simply add this template into all the mails you send from CRM. You can also make any number of different template if you have standard text that you would like to insert into a mail.