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CRM 2011 views: getting more than 5000 records

If you access any CRM views for example account page and if it got more the 5000 records you will see “5000+” as shown below.

You can update this limit by running following query again MSCRM_Config database, so IntColumn contains number of maximum records to be run for CRM. If you put value -1 it will retrieve all the records…

Update DeploymentProperties Set IntColumn=-1 Where ColumnName = 'TotalRecordCountLimit'

so IntColumn contains number of maximum records to be run for CRM. If you put value -1 it will retrieve all the records

****Important Notes regarding above change****:
1. Above change is unsupported so make sure you apply this change to Dev, Test environment before applying this to Live environment. Also make sure you take back up of database before doing this change
2. This change might impact performance as well since system will retrieve all the records.

There is another registry key called “TurnOffFetchThrottling” is also there which will allow you to retrieve more than 5000 records in CRM, refer following blog article for more information regarding the same.


but above key is only when call is done in the external SDK (fetchXML) calls only, this will not change data retrieve to be display in Entity Grid, so for account grid will still display “5000+” after applied this registry key change and only above SQL script (i.e. unsupported) can change this behaviour.

Hope this helps..


Resolving slow performance issue for CRM outlook client

One of our CRM customers who uses CRM outlook client started getting really slow response since last week or so…

This could be due to many reasons but one of reason for slowness is auto tagging incoming emails, CRM 4.0 by default processes 1000 emails in outlook inbox.

These settings can be altered by creating registry key on client side and if you change this value to around 20 and this should improve performance considerably because now CRM tagging engine will look for last 20 emails that came in to outlook rather last 1000.
Following is registry key settings which needs to be altered for the same..


The value in this registry entry sets the minimum number of items that the auto-tagging feature will process in the crawl mode. When a folder contains fewer items than the value in the registry entry, the auto-tagging feature will process items in the search mode. The default value is 1,000.


The value in this registry entry sets the maximum number of items that the auto-tagging feature will process in the crawl mode in a particular folder. The default value is 1,000.

Change the registry key as mentioned in following steps…

1. On Client System, Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.

2. In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following registry subkey:

3. To create a new registry entry, right-click MSCRMClient, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.

4. Change the name of the registry entry to TagMinItemsForCrawl and set value as 0.

5. Similarly create new registry entry TagAllowedItemsForCrawl and set value to 25.

6. Restart Client outlook .

Hope this helps..


CRM 4.0 Performance Issues

Past week, one of our Dynamics customers started experiencing really slow performance and also started getting time out error.

We used to get the error mostly on Account searches or Active accounts view…


After going through all roll up fixes and searching, we found that there is a Microsoft kb article which provides resolution for the same.


After applying the fix mentioned in the above kb article this issue seems to have resolve now.

MayankP 🙂