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CRM AUDITING: SQL Database Standard to Enterprise version

So on MS CRM Audit Log screen we could not see any partition details available even though (as shown in screen print below) even though we are using enterprise version of SQL.


We also realized that our audit table grown very large and was started impacting performance as well, during investigation it is revealed that MS CRM organization was created from back up which was taken from standard SQL version.

So when new organization import process run then CRM system did not created these partition so we contacted Microsoft support and they provided following SQL script for this.

After running script we started seeing CRM Audit partition in the system now.


CRM AUDIT: SQL enterprise to standard version

if your requirement is other way around so your current CRM SQL DB is enterprise version and if you want to migrate to standard SQL version then follow the steps provided in this KB article to restore DB and then after this perform normal import organization operation in CRM for this.

Hope this helps…