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CRM 2011 views: getting more than 5000 records

If you access any CRM views for example account page and if it got more the 5000 records you will see “5000+” as shown below.

You can update this limit by running following query again MSCRM_Config database, so IntColumn contains number of maximum records to be run for CRM. If you put value -1 it will retrieve all the records…

Update DeploymentProperties Set IntColumn=-1 Where ColumnName = 'TotalRecordCountLimit'

so IntColumn contains number of maximum records to be run for CRM. If you put value -1 it will retrieve all the records

****Important Notes regarding above change****:
1. Above change is unsupported so make sure you apply this change to Dev, Test environment before applying this to Live environment. Also make sure you take back up of database before doing this change
2. This change might impact performance as well since system will retrieve all the records.

There is another registry key called “TurnOffFetchThrottling” is also there which will allow you to retrieve more than 5000 records in CRM, refer following blog article for more information regarding the same.


but above key is only when call is done in the external SDK (fetchXML) calls only, this will not change data retrieve to be display in Entity Grid, so for account grid will still display “5000+” after applied this registry key change and only above SQL script (i.e. unsupported) can change this behaviour.

Hope this helps..


CRM 2011 Issues/Enhancements Feedback

Recently few of our customer and CRM user’s reports few issues/enhancement requested which I have posted them on Microsoft Connect Web site at https://connect.microsoft.com/dynamicssuggestions/Feedback

Following details regarding them and if you feel they need to be address please vote for them as Important on relevant feedback link provide below.

Feedback 1: CRM 2011 Outlook client Views are not sorted alphabetically

CRM 2011 Outlook client Views are not sorted alphabetically while IE views are sorted alphabetically. For example below screen print shows CRM 2011 IE Views sorted alphabetically working okay.

While CRM 2011 Outlook Views are seems to be sorted on created on date rather than alphabetically which is problematic if users got more than 10 views.

If you agree with me that outlook views should be sorted alphabetically then please Vote for this on the following page (Note: – you need to login with your Window Live/Hotmail account for the same)


Feedback 2: Green Refresh button is missing on outlook client view.

If user want to refresh outlook client view then user have to View tab and then hit refresh button, it is just un-necessary one more click and also this behaviour is not same as IE version. In IE version we have got this green button in all views.

Of course we can do workaround to have Views -> Refresh button added in Quick Access toolbar as workaround but ideally it would be better if both integration works the same way.

For more information regarding this please refer following blog articles.


You can vote for this feedback here

Feedback 3: CRM 2011 View Selector not filtering custom views, only filters system views in Dashboard.

If user create new dashboard and adds list component and wants to view certain views only as shows in below screen print.

So we want system to display only selected one view in this example but when user checks out list it displays all the views as shown below so we want this feature to be corrected.

If you agree with me that above feature needs to be corrected then please Vote for this on the following page.