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CRM 4.0 Error “Failure: Relationshipname : Invalid Argument”

Recently while importing customization from one environment to another I started getting following exception.

“Failure: : Invalid Argument”

we also checked logged error on Event log and this import was logging following error..

“Customization Import failed. Error: Attribute Display Name not specified”

After few trial and error we were able to resolve the issue.


There are two ways to resolve this.
1. Make sure all entities are published on source system and then extract entities again and then try putting in to destination system and see if this works…
(This method is preferred)

2. Other method is to export only entities which had issue while importing on destination. Then open Export XML and then locate relevant field name and that field name will have tag. If you update this tag with some text then that should also resolve this issue.
(see below screen print)

Hope this helps..


Many to Many Relationship CRM 4.0

This thing just come to my notice that if you create N:N relationship on CRM 4.0 then other entities does not automatically gets displayed on Advanced find..

You need to go to particular entity and then you need to Change Display Option to either Use Plural Name or Use custom label..

if Display option is set to DO NOT DISPLAY then you these particular entity will not be available as Related Entity on Advanced Find Screen..

Again to understand all other aspects of Many to Many Relationship CRM 4.0, please refer to this article.

Hope this helps..


CRM 4.0 Entity Navigator: small tip

Well What’s best way to navigate through list of entities and it’s attributes in CRM 4.0 quickly ? I have been using following way and I think it’s quickest way to get these information in CRM 4.0

Open IE Browser and type in following URL


Replace servername, portname and organization name of your environment in above link.
This will give you list of entities as below…

Now to get list of attribute either click on entities in above screen print or type following URL (replace entity name as per your requirement)

http:// [servername]:[portname]/[orgname]/sdk/mdbrowser/entity.aspx?entity=account”>

Hope this helps..


Collapse/Expand Form Section in CRM 4.0

Recently during one of the customer’s implementation we found that particular form section have got lots of fields and all of them we important and can’t be moved to different tab.

So we had to research on alternative to make Form‘s usability and now there were few options

1. Put button or like – on click of which relevant form section’s will be shown or hidden

2. Put the Navigation Image on relevant section and user can collapse /Expand form as per their wish (similar to already present on left hand navigation pane)

Now thanks to Marco Amoedo who have already implemented second option and also shared the full solution code on this URL.

As per this Post, This feature will be by default available in CRM 5.0 and no need to put any code at all but for CRM 4.0 have to put this really nice java script code on the relevant form.
I did the prototype for the option 1 as well but customer really like the option 2 and we went ahead with this option.
So you know how to make CRM Form Section collapsible.
Hope this helps..