Check Dynamics CRM Version

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions by CRM developers/administrators.

Following are few different ways to get this information for Dynamic CRM.

Option 1: Add or Remove Programs

Go to Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs
Select Show updates and this will show relevant roll up details as mentioned in the following figure.
This is client side screen print and for the server you need to go on to server and check same thing in Add or Remove Programs.

Option 2: Using CRM about US Dialog box

Go to Outlook and Click on “CRM” button in CRM outlook Toolbar and it will displays the client (outlook) and Server roll up number of CRM system as shown in screen print below.

Option 3: Checking Database Table

Run following query against relevant CRM database and query result will details relevant installed version for CRM system.

Also check following is a list of CRM rollups and their release info, match the details (i.e. Version number) got through above option and you will know which roll up is installed on your CRM system easily.

Version Build
RTM 4.0. 7333.3
Rollup 1 4.0.7333.1113
Rollup 2 4.0.7333.1312, 4.0.7333.1316
Rollup 3 4.0.7333.1408
Rollup 4 4.0.7333.1551
Rollup 5 4.0.7333.1644, 4.0.7333.1645
Rollup 6 4.0.7333.1750
Rollup 7 4.0.7333.2138
Rollup 8 4.0.7333.2542
Rollup 9 4.0.7333.2644

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